Nursery Organization Tips

Around my seventh month of pregnancy it happened. I just woke up that day and all I wanted to do was nest. I needed to get the house ready and perfect now! Organizing Ellie’s room was by far the most fun thing I did while pregnant. Here are some of my favorite things about her nursey and how I decided to organize it.



Organizing her clothes took so much longer than I could have imagined, she has so many! I love these closet separators that you can erase and rewrite depending on what sizes you need.


I hung these divided boxes on the wall directly next to her changing table. It gives me a cute way to store things like diaper rash cream, and baby lotions/oils without cluttering her changing table.


This changing table from Babies R Us is phenomenal. I love the way it fits snug into the corner of the room, being able to change her straight on, and how much storage it has for diapers and wipes.


I used these $10 shelves from Home Depot to make a little library corner of the room.


And finally make sure you have plenty of adorable storage boxes for when baby arrives. I put this one to good use by filling it to the brim with cute baby headbands!


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