Tips for taking the best photos with your baby

I spent most of my time being pregnant fantasizing about all the little things I would do every day with my daughter. One thing I always looked forward to was taking pictures of and with her. You can’t hire a photographer to be there for all the moments you’ll want to remember with your little one. So it is important to know how to capture them yourself! As someone who has always considered myself an okay photographer, I did not expect how challenging it ended up being. We had our fair share of disastrous photoshoots before I came to figure out the formula for getting good pictures together every time. So here I’ve compiled a list of my photo taking tips to help you get the best photos with your little one along all their milestones.

-The first one is very obvious, and very vital. Make sure your baby has napped recently, been changed recently, and eaten recently. You also want to make sure their outfit isn’t too uncomfortable. Mentally prepare yourself and schedule the timing of taking photos at the beginning of your day to set yourself up for a successful photo session. Unhappy baby=unsuccessful photos.


-When you’re trying to capture moments of you and your little one together it’s important  to make sure you aren’t letting yourself go too much. As a new mom I know the constant struggle it is to care for yourself and for your baby. Of course our babies are always our priorities. But self-care should still be on our list somewhere! If you feel confident with no makeup whatsoever, more power to you! But I personally always feel better when I wake up in the morning, take a shower, and do minimal makeup. For post birth photos in the hospital the best thing you can do is just apply a good waterproof mascara.


Following this tip will ensure that any time your baby is looking adorable or reaching milestones, you’ll be photo ready too. You’ll be happy you showered when you’re taking your babies age milestone pictures and you have your dark circles covered and your hair isn’t greasy!

Always use plain, neutral backgrounds unless you are somewhere fun! Even a great photo could be ruined by a messy house backdrop. Or in this case, an okay photo ruined by a survivor backdrop?


While at home you can use a clean area of the house like a couch or made bed, as well as a solid color wall (inside or out) or a large blanket.


When photographing baby alone use props like pillows, blankets, or a boppy to prop them. You can also purchase cheap photo backdrops online. Check out some of my favorite etsy shops to purchase them here.

-And finally, make it genuine! No one knows your baby better than you. No one else knows the special way they like to be held, tickled or kissed. Happy babies are the best! So incorporate those things they love into your photo sessions. If their favorite thing is a noise or face daddy makes, enlist his help! If their favorite thing is a special toy or family pet get that behind the camera with you! Try to capture your personal favorite things about motherhood. Whether it’s the way they look at you, the way they hold your hand while they sleep, or the way they cuddle into the nook of your shoulder. If you capture those moments you’ll be sure to have beautiful photos you’ll cherish forever- even if you didn’t get any makeup on that day.


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